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Fred Kerner Grandview Travel

Meet Fred Kerner:

Fred joined the staff of Grandview Travel in 2008. He has 13 years of experience as a trusted Travel Advisor. Fred has traveled extensively around the world having visited more than 40 countries and lived in Europe for six years in London, England and Keflavik, Iceland.

My Specializations:

Fred’s specialties include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Iceland. He is also the resident Master Cruise Counselor, Hawaii Destination Specialist, as well as advising on destination weddings, honeymoons and all-inclusive resorts. In the past two years Fred has broadened his travel experiences by traveling to Tahiti where he sailed on a 7-day voyage to the Society Islands aboard the luxury cruise ship Paul Gaughin. Fred also cruised the Danube River sailing aboard the luxury river cruise line Scenic, and visited Costa Rica where he toured the country visiting exclusive resorts to recommend to prospective clients.

My Favorite Trips:

Fred’s favorite trips are to any exotic location with a great beach or many of the cultural destinations of Europe. He especially loves the Tahitian islands.

My Travel Bucket List:

On Fred’s “Bucket List” is to one day visit the great continent of Australia, as well as New Zealand, and explore the wonders of the land down under.

Contact Fred:

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